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Examples of Questions Addressed in TUP 2016 – Graphics & Images

Images continue to explode in usage as one market segment after another have Smartphones, Digital Cameras, and Scanners at their fingertips. They’re sharing images using fast Internet and phone connections, and social networks.

No longer bound to film cameras and developers, consumers are choosing a wide variety of ways to take photos and scan documents, and also many ways to share them. From Smartphones and Tablets, to Desktop PCs and Notebooks, different segments of consumers choose different devices as their focus. Furthermore some consumers delve back into their historical photo collections, while others seem to be documenting their every mood and meal for their group of friends and family.Courtesy James Mitchell Creative Commons

The Technology User Profile (TUP) 2016 service addresses a wide range of key questions. Each answer is supported by primary research, specifying the thousands of respondents in the sample size and notable statistical significance. How consumers and employees use Graphics and Images is a subject of intense interest for a wide range of tech device manufacturers and app developers.

Some examples of questions addressed in TUP 2016 follow, along with the specific chapters of TUP which hold the answers: (Chapters are indicated in parentheses) Continue reading

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TUP 2015 Work/Self PCs Section (E3)

PCs provided by one’s employer or in self-employment are meant to be used only for work activities. Throughout their one life, users bring their experiences and preferences with them as they move between one PC and another. The market for Work PCs is different from the consumer market, even though many work PCs are acquired through consumer channels and were originally targeted to consumers, not employees.
This section includes PC-related answers selected from the many questions in the comprehensive TUP survey. The key banner points are three: the Work/Self-Employment PC, and segments (Self-employed to 99 employees, 100 to 999 employees, and 1,000+ Employees) (Self-employed to 19 employees, 20-499, and 500+). The data-rich deliverable is designed for quick recognition of important findings, including statistical testing and indexes comparing values to their national averages. This report results cover many key topics: PC brands and newness, OS & OS ecosystems, other connected devices, user and household demographics, technology adoption patterns (early adopters vs. laggards), device combinations, details about the usage profile, PC activities, consumer electronics, purchase plans, and technology spending. PCs are split out in more detail by form factor: Desktop, Notebook, All-in-One/Mini, and Tower Desktop.

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