TUP 2015 Demographic Overview Section (A2)

It’s an oversimplification to say that age and gender can help define and predict tech buyers for any particular tech product or service. However, many tech products and services are age-biased, either skewing towards younger or older adults. It’s also a convenient and familiar starting point towards understanding technology users.
The Demographic Overview section of TUP 2015 includes a complete profile of Connected Adults in five countries: the US, UK, France, Brazil, and China. The key banner points are age (18-34, 35+), Age Cohort (Millennial adults 18-37, Gen X 38-49, Baby Boomer 50-68, Silent+Greatest 69+), and Gender.
This section includes the answers to the most-relevant questions in the comprehensive TUP survey. The data-rich deliverable is designed for quick recognition of important findings, including statistical testing and indexes comparing values to their national averages. This report results cover many key topics: technology adoption patterns (early adopters vs. laggards), device combinations, Game Console Activities, and Tech Spending.

The MetaFacts TUP syndicated survey, conducted continuously since 1983 is based on the full range of technology users – those who connect to the Internet through PCs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, or Game Consoles. It spans consumers, employees, the self-employed, students, and even users of public/shared devices.
This document includes 717 pages in PDF and Excel, featuring cross-tabulations which may be used for market sizing, user profiling, benchmarking, and to support many decisions.


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